SHEL's Spotify Mix-Tape

We love music [obviously] and we love discovering music of all sorts, new, old, classical, pop, funk, rock, etc... So we collectively made a Mix-tape to share with our friends! We update it biweekly or monthly and we hope you enjoy it! Make sure to follow it on Spotify so you can stay up to date on the changes! 

- <3 SHEL

SHEL's Mix-Tape


Stronger Than My Fears [Naked]


SHEL shows their “naked faces” in this striped down performance of "Stronger Than My Fears" as part of their campaign to empower young women to be comfortable and confident without makeup.

SHEL: Quotes from each band member about wearing no make up at this video shoot...
Sarah Holbrook – Violin, Guitar:   “Women all around the world don’t wear make up and they are happy, self-confident women.  Much like Alicia Keys, we are simply showing that we don’t think anyone needs to wear make up to be good at our jobs or feel proud of ourselves.”
Hannah Holbrook – Piano, Accordion, Synth bass:   “I believe that women are endowed with the deepest, most compelling kind of beauty in all creation… and I think we cheat ourselves and others out of the benefits of that beauty when we obsess over what it “should” look like, or when we convince ourselves we don’t posses it.
Eva Holbrook – Mandolin, Dobro:  “I don’t think you can improve nature with lipstick and eyeliner. Makeup is fun to wear, but our culture seems to have adopted the wrong idea about its purpose. Some of our close friends are amazing make-up artists and we love working with them, but exaggerating features should not be necessary for women to know they’re beautiful.”
Liza Holbrook – Drums, Percussion, Beatboxing:  "I don't wear makeup often. I lean toward being more androgynous. I appreciate that I can wear makeup to accent my features more, but I've never felt like I had to wear it to feel comfortable in my own skin." 


Read an in depth interview written by: Evette Dionne from Bitch Media. 


Komodo Clothing (UK)

Through all of our travels we're constantly on the hunt for fun, fashionable, and comfortable clothing, that is responsibly and ethically made. Komodo is one of our favorites! Whether on stage, traveling far and wide, or hanging in the back yard playing a ukulele… Komodo has something for each of us that helps us feel unique and fabulous! 

Learn more about Komodo Clothing from Joe Komodo himself! 

Tony's Chocolonely

Tony's Chocolonely - Amsterdam

TODAY we're talking about some of our very favorite chocolate EVER. We found Tony's Chocolonely while we were touring in Amsterdam last year... and then stalked them when they finally made a US home in Portland, OR. Their story is truly inspiring! They've been making 100% slave-free chocolate for 11 years AND IT'S DELICIOUS!

Just Crazy Enough Challenge

We're proud of our thrift store finds! Here's a little peek at the photo shoot we did in our back yard in Colorado featuring some of our favorite capsule combinations.